ZNEW M Greymetrol
ZNEW M Greymetrol 20
METROPOLIST Lllustration

Newport Men – The Metropolitan – Grey Melange

Nimbus x Rodrigo Saldaña
320,00 kr

The luxurious lightweight crewneck Newport is a loungy but still elegant fashion statement that adds comfort and uniqueness to whatever look you might choose. This classic sweatshirt is a great go-to when you are heading out for a casual day but still want to look well dressed, edgy and sharp. This unique version of the Newport crewneck displays a big-city inspired illustration created by Rodrigo Saldaña.

  • Organic cotton
  • V-notch design detail
  • Insert piece at the side
  • Featuring an iconic illustration print by Rodrigo Saldaña
  • Wash inside out to protect the print

Illustrations by Rodrigo Saldaña

Discover the Nimbus x Rodrigo Saldaña collection, where corporate fashion meets artistic flair.

An exclusive collaboration between Nimbus and menswear illustrator and designer, Rodrigo Saldaña.

Nimbus through the eyes of an artist

With a portfolio boasting collaborations with iconic fashion brands such as Ralph Lauren, Velasca and Mr. Cavaliere, Rodrigo’s illustrations are known for portraying dynamic characters infused with energy and humor.

Rodrigo’s creative touch adds an element of dynamism and personality to some of our basic Nimbus styles, resulting in a fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary creativity.