Our commitment to sustainability

Clothing with conscience

At Nimbus, we continuously strive to expand our sustainability efforts while keeping the creation of high-quality products with timeless designs at the core of our business.

One of our key priorities is to design and create products with sustainability in mind. We aim at minimizing the impact on the environment and protecting the well-being of future generations. »

In our Sustainability Journal, we validate our efforts and achieve-ments. It describes applicable certifications and logos, and it explains about our trusted partners. Read more below.

Our Sustainability Journal

To be able to work with our CSR and sustainability responsibilities, we are very selective about who we cooperate with. By using audits and assessment tools to select and monitor factories and by favouring fewer partners over many, we build long-lasting and close partnerships with our suppliers.

We strive to make a positive difference in the fight for a more sustainable clothing industry.

Lars Hammer - Founder & CEO

Profile clothing

Made With A Purpose

At Nimbus we strongly believe that well-designed products in a high quality will not only last longer, but also be valued more and be taken better care of. To us, the best way to reduce the environmental impact of a product is to use it longer.

Modern day Slow Fashion encourages consumers to buy less garments in a better quality, made through more sustianable processes, less often. This also focuses on the art of clothes making and praises the efforts of the hardworking people who make them.

At Nimbus we believe that the era of disposability is over.

Long-lasting cotton

With the use of organic cotton with stronger fibres, we make sure to keep our styles long-lasting.

A Key Priority

We design and create high-end corporate fashion with sustainability in mind.

Always under development

At Nimbus we are constantly taking new steps to strengthen our practices and become even better at what we do.

We have a strong focus on being a premium quality brand that our customers are proud to wear - also because our garments are made with conscience.

We strive to implement a sustainability and ethical approach throughout our complete supply chain. As a proof of our sustainability efforts, many of our products are marked with recognized logos, which signal and validate sustainable choices. Below you can find all certifications and standards that we operate with.

We value transparency and dialogue, so you are always more than welcome to contact us if you have any questions.